Through out 14 years, since we opened Thestudio, we’ve worked totally different projects. Fashion, music festivals, events, advertisement, motion graphics, interior arquitecture, branding, naming, you name it… What we do is basically projects. 360º. We define a path/concept and build the best team for the project in hands. We do all the creative direction. What ever it takes to get it done in the most surprising and original way. We love it.

Juan Carmona founded Thestudio in 2005 in the aim of creating and producing innovative ideas for different market areas, from design to interior architecture. He was joined shortly afterwards by André Ribeiro with his vast experience of graphic design acquired at various advertising agencies. Since then, they have developed projects in partnership.

Located in the vibrant city of Lisbon, Thestudio has specialised in creating concepts and cutting-edge images and atmospheres. Creative versatility and excellence of execution have brought a stream of Portuguese and international projects to the studio for which it has established itself as a creative partner. Presenting a solid conceptual basis for each individual project, it works in different creative areas simultaneously – events, design, motion graphics, image creation, production, interior design and advertising – for clients ranging from multinationals to emerging niche businesses and covering a variety of industries.

Thestudio’s success comes from its eclectic, multifaceted character – adeptly executing highly developed conceptual projects.

They attribute the success of the studio to the decision to remain small and very focused, which allows it to choose the most satisfying projects and to commit fully to the challenges that arise. Of the many projects they have been involved with, creative direction for the iconic Bairro Alto Hotel and the 360º project for the hotel’s restaurant (BAHR) are among the latest and most challenging the duo have worked on.

Over the last two years, the duo have explored new approaches and concepts which have enabled them to evolve and express themselves artistically. From this research arose the idea for the work shown in the exhibition Natureza Morta/Steal Life, which they consider “our most ambitious professional and personal project so far”.

Associate and Partner // Creative Director
Born in São Paulo, Brazil, in 1978, Juan Muñoz Carmona grew up in Rio de Janeiro but moved to Lisbon as a young man. Nonconformist by nature, he moved to Madrid to study graphic design and photography at the European Design Institute. While in the Spanish capital, he completed an AA in contemporary art at Museo Reina Sofia, followed by a postgraduate course in graphic design at CCCB Barcelona.

His first art installation was commissioned by Grupo Amorim for the company’s HQ in Porto. He took part in a collective show at Caixa Madrid and the same year held his first solo exhibition at Galeria Iris in Barcelona, while also joining the Brazilis collective at the Carroussel du Louvre, in Paris.

In 2005, after returning to Lisbon, he decided to enter the area of creative direction and founded Thestudio in Chiado, where it remains to this day. Since then, as creative director, he has developed and executed concepts for Portuguese and international clients, with a portfolio including brands such as NOS, Super Bock, Alive, Vodafone, Johnnie Walker, Grey Goose and Moët & Chandon, among many others.

In recent years, together with André Ribeiro, his partner at Thestudio and an old friend, they have developed a 360º project for Bairro Alto Hotel Restaurant (BAHR) and have been responsible for the creative direction and design of the hotel itself.

In 2019, they decided to take a fresh look at several old projects and return to producing art itself, developing the concept behind the exhibition Natureza Morta / Steal Life, the duo’s first show, which also marks the opening of Muñoz Carmona Art & Gallery.
Associate and Partner // Creative Director
Born in 1971 in Lisbon to a Portuguese father and a German mother, André attends the German School of Lisbon where he has his first contacts with graphic design. He graduates in graphic design at IADE in Lisbon.

After working in several design and advertising agencies (Novodesign, J.W. Thompson, WOP among others) he is invited in 2006 to join thestudio as creative director and partner.

At thestudio, he develops integrated projects in the areas of branding, graphic design, advertising and interiors for niche and multinational clients on the national and international scene, among which Optimus, CUF, NOS, Vodafone, Promemoria, Germano de Sousa and Superbock stand out.

In parallel with his activity in the studio, and with growing interest in exploring and working on contemporary art concepts, since 2018 he has been developing his artistic activity in partnership with Juan Carmona.

When not in Lisbon or Germany, he can be found somewhere in Portugal’s west coast in a house without a phone and internet.